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This is the platform that collects fashionable items that will decorate your life and work with Reiwa technology and sensibilities, aimed at executive women who know about quality. "We propose ,「KOTO」= things  , 「MONO」= objects , 「IMI」= meaning        to make your daily life rich. Our proposal is introduced as 『-ism』and how to interact with it based on what we know. If you look at the traditional culture of interest through the filter of 『Wa_ism』, the way you perceive things that have been bound by concepts becomes more flexible, and new perspectives and discoveries are born...We provide a platform for this. Introducing brands that fashionably decorate your life's work by combining good old Japanese culture and traditional techniques with Reiwa techniques and sensibilities. 

We will introduce the greatness of Japanese culture and production areas through our products.


MABURU means "to watch over" in the Soma dialect. The 10th generation of the Ohori Soma-yaki is pottery kiln, which has been in operation since 1760. A new brand with TAKASHI KONDO serving as the direction designer. The first collection we will deliver is CHA_MABURU (green tea utensils). We aim to create unique pottery that combines arty style and traditional techniques. A collection characterized by beautiful curves and colorful colors born from the warmth of hands. ​ The fashionable and colorful bowl is decorated with a"chidori"= plover  pattern, which is a characteristic of Ohori Soma ware. When you drink matcha, a cute heart-shaped chidori motif appears. It stands out from the bowl and instantly soothes your soul. ​



 ​ CHA_MABURU's vessels are filled with the warmth of human hands. We want MABURU to be able to watch over the happiness of many people even 100 years from now. ​



「Straight and flexible. Craftsmanship in the manner of bamboo」

'' YAGITAKE" is a traditional craft that has continued in Satsumasennai City, Kagoshima Prefecture since 1925. At the time of its establishment, it began as the Yagi Saitake Training School, teaching bamboo crafts to local people. Currently, the third generation, Shusaku Yagi, has taken over the business, and the company will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. Bamboo is a plant that grows quickly and has strong reproductive power, so if it is cut down and used appropriately, it can coexist with other plants. You can keep the mountains in a healthy condition. In addition, since it is a natural material that can be returned to the soil, it is also earth-friendly from the perspective of SDGs, which has been attracting attention in recent years. We are proud that our materials are of high quality. ​ 

Bamboo can sometimes grow more than 1M per day. Bamboo grown in warm Kagoshima is especially large, straight, thick, and durable. On the other hand, it does not easily break even when swayed by the wind, and has the flexibility to flex its body to deflect the wind. MAMAGOTO, like bamboo, continues to connect traditional crafts to the future, with a straight heart and flexibility that adapts to the times.


sinistra is created by a designer who is a craftsman. This brand produces all handcrafted bags. Based on the recognition and restriction that the products produced by sinistra are only practical products techniques and ideas proven by craftsmen. Using experimental materials and manufacturing methods. He pursues the value of his works. 


The name sinistra comes from the fact that the designer himself is left-handed.


Rivet Bag Series

Eliminate what is absolutely necessary and find beauty in the creation that is created within constraints. sinistra's rivet bag is made only with rivets without using thread. A minimalistic design expression using rivets, created by subtracting absolutely necessary elements. Carefully selected .

materials: Uses high-quality leather from Japan and France Functionality: Incredibly light and easy to maintain (handles and straps are replaceable)

 Design: The appeal is that even the inside of the bag is carefully tailored.          

It is highly customizable and allows you to express your individuality.

 Visual effect: The rivets are neatly lined up to create a well-balanced and beautiful form when viewed from any angle. Riveting, where failure is not an option, is a technique that can only be performed by craftsmen who have both advanced technical ability and a high level of concentration. 


Only "Maison Def" can give each rivet an expression with calculated points and angles.

Maison Def

Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture is known as Japan's number one producer of bags and is a place where many manufacturers and craftsmen gather. Maison Def has an atelier in Toyooka, where advanced manufacturing is practiced every day, producing reliable products. All products are handmade by designers who are also craftsmen we use experimental materials and manufacturing methods based on experience-based techniques and ideas to constantly pursue the value of our products. In addition, Maison Def operates a co-working atelier facility called "Apartment", and supports young craftsmen and designers through technical guidance and sales opportunities, with the aim of ensuring that manufacturing in this town continues to be sustainable. 

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Established as an agricultural production corporation that produces high-quality organic matcha in the traditional tea-producing areas of Shimada and Kawane, Shizuoka Prefecture. The highest quality matcha provided by "Matcha Organic Japan". This matcha is made by a group of young farmers who aim to continue cultivating tea plantations 100 years from now and aim to become the world's most beloved matcha farmers. A collaboration product between MATCHA MORE and Wa_ism has been created using carefully selected matcha based on the concept that "purchasing and drinking leads to the inheritance and revitalization of Japanese culture."

 Among the many types of matcha available, we want people to pick up one that shows someone's support and production background.


Including the strong and cute animals of Africa.

 The look in their eyes drawn by YOKO YOSHIZAWA is charming and humorous. 

We would be happy if you could enjoy the irreplaceable world of animals.


Yoko Yoshizawa


She started translating picture books while she was a student of 

After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, Yoko Yoshizawa started making picture books – writing/translating stories and illustrating them.

Her career as an animal painter was accelerated after she spent 12 months in Africa (Botzawana, Namibia, Keniya) as a translator of TV crew filming wildlife.

She learned printmaking at Pacific Art League of Palo Alto, California before she became a member of Ozaki Masashi Print AStudio, Yokohama 1999.


Since 2000 her artwork has been shown in the galleries of several department stores and other venues in Japan and overseas as well as in biennial and triennial in Italy, Turky, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia and Macedonia Greece.  Spending a month each in a print studio in Canada and Holland as artist in residence, she showed her work in their gallery.


Her major publications include “The Long One”, retelling of a Masai folktale “Who’s in Rabbit’s House?”; “The Magic Pumpkin”, retelling of a Nigerian story; “Samlee Took Back Beans”, retelling of a Thai folktale “Boy and Crows”, published by Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Inc.,

Her love to animals brought her to collect more than 2,000 animal proverbs, which ended in her contributing essays “Animal Sayings in the World Relay” to monthly magazine published by Fukuinkan Shoten 2008.4 – 2009.3.  She also contributed essays “Animal Idioms and Sayings” to Asahi Weekly magazine every two weeks 2009.4 – 2010.3.  

“Why Hippos Live Under Water” appears in a monthly magazine “Mother’s Friend” published by Fukuinkan Shoten (2022.6, 2024.6).  

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