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Make matcha, enjoy matcha, and serve matcha every day. 

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Make matcha, enjoy matcha, and serve matcha every day. 

In Japan, tea has been loved for over 1200 years, and the tea ceremony has a history of over 500 years. 

In recent years, the efficacy of matcha and the mindfulness effect of making tea have become popular.

 It has been scientifically proven, and expectations for matcha are increasing. ​ 

Matcha is very flavorful, fragrant, and beautiful to the eye, and when eaten with Japanese sweets, you can enjoy using all your five senses. ​ ​ However, calligraphy, flower arrangement, incense, kimono, architecture, Japanese cuisine, etc. The tea ceremony, which is said to embody all of Japan's aesthetic sense and tradition, is a world filled with beauty, depth, and education, so it's true that there are high hurdles to overcome.

 Calm your mind, face yourself, and make matcha for just 5 minutes every day.


Not only does it increase self-confidence,It also has a mindfulness effect that provides the necessary moisture to the hearts of modern people. . . ​


The MATCHAism we advocate is Feel the history of Japan from the perspective of serving matcha we value the enjoyment of matcha. 

By serving it a daily , you will feel more familiar with matcha.

 More and more people are becoming interested in the profound world behind the tea ceremony. 

We hope that this will lead to the inheritance of traditional culture.



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